Rabbits are an amazing critter! They make great pets and can be litter-box trained, they an unending source of fertilizer, & they are an incredibly efficient source of high quality meat.

Rabbit manure does not need to be composted before use, therefore it can be used directly in the soil around plants and in gardens without the fear of burning your plants.  How awesome is that!

For meat production, most people raise the New Zealand or Californian breeds.  It is best to breed your rabbit does no more often than every 8 weeks.  With a 31 day gestation, this means you will breed her when her youngest babies (kits) are around 4 weeks.  This results in 6 litters a year, average of 6-7 kits per litter, and process them at 3 months at 3-5 pounds.

Do the math, that is ALOT of meat!



Coyote Creek Organic Feed

Coyote Creek Organic Feed is made locally in Elgin, Texas.  We sell their full line of certified organic products.



Ful-O-Pep Feed

We stock a full line of feed from Ful-O-Pep, made in Cuero, Texas.


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