Dogs and cats are the bread and butter of a pet friendly household.  We pride ourselves in providing the products and knowledge you need to keep those pets healthy and happy.  From Premium pet foods, biscuits, treats, chew bones, toys, shampoos, flea treatments, vaccinations, hip & joint supplements, collars, leashes, and tons more.  Come on in and we’ll get you and your pets squared away.



All BLUE dry foods are made with the unique combination of the finest natural ingredients and an exclusive antioxidant-rich LifeSource Bits®. Choose from BLUE Life Protection formula or meat-rich BLUE Wilderness® ---  in a variety of delicious recipes for dogs of all breed sizes.

Diamond Pet Foods provide a high quality food at an affordable price.  The Naturals line also contains no corn, wheat, or soy.

Canidae Is one if the highest quality pet foods on the market, in fact, the quality of ingredients exceeds many more expensive foods available.  None of their products contain corn, wheat, or soy, and all of them have a much higher meat content than is typically found in dog or cat food.  We also stock their Pure line, which is completely grain free.

Taste of the Wild produces premium, grain-free pet formulas that are based on your pet’s ancestral diet. All of their formulas rely on ingredients such as quality meats and probiotics which maximize the nutritional health benefits for your pets.

Not only are these Market Fresh recipes created with the freshest and finest ingredients, they’re also extremely palatable for felines.  Meat first, potato and grain free super premium food for cats.

Bring your cats these savory cuts of white breast meat chicken and duck breast . . . delicate gravies, some with pumpkin for healthy digestion . . . loins from tuna, salmon and mackerel . . . and lean cuts of beef —all fit for our kitchen carnivores. Your kitties will dig it.

With a high quality protein focus and limited carbohydrates, your kitty will enjoy BFF's grain free, low fat recipes that also deliver the high moisture your cat needs.

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