For backyards and smaller pieces of property, sheep and goats are the way to go.  They provide lots of benefits to your homestead without the large space requirement of cattle.

Goats are raised for lots of reasons.  First off, goats are primarily browsers, meaning the prefer to eat brush over grass (although they will if that is all they have).  So if you need some brush cleared, they will take it out for you.  The main reasons most people raise goats though would be for either meat or the high quality milk they produce.

In Texas, it’s usually a bit too hot to raise wool sheep, but many raise hair sheep, which will grow fairly quickly and provide some of the most flavorful meat around.  Sheep usually prefer grass over brush, so if you wanted your animals to maintain your property for you, a combination of sheep and goats would be very beneficial.



Coyote Creek Organic Feed

Coyote Creek Organic Feed is made locally in Elgin, Texas.  We sell their full line of certified organic products.



Texas Natural Feeds

Texas Natural Feeds are non-soy, non-gmo, and are made in Waco, Texas. We carry their full selection of feed.


Ful-O-Pep Feed

We stock a full line of feed from Ful-O-Pep, made in Cuero, Texas.


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